2014 Calendar of Events

2013 Eastern National Spring Meet

2013 Eastern National Spring Meet

Below is a list of upcoming tours, meets, and shows our region is hosting during 2014. As we are currently looking for a few volunteers to organize one or two additional events, the calendar will be updated accordingly, so please be sure to check back regularly or consult The Gas Buggy Gazette if you’re a member.


20th — Summer Picnic — To be held at Codorus State Park east of Hanover, PA. Lunch will be served at 1 p.m. in the Classroom Building.  Each member is asked to bring a covered dish. Registration deadline is July 13. For information contact Howard King (410) 635-2530.


9th — Summer Tour — Lunch at the U.S. Army War College followed by a tour of the Carlisle Indian School. Cost per person is $19.00. Contact James Yemzow to sign-up by July 1st (717) 243-5810. For a full description of the day’s activities, please click here.


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