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Awards: The GRAACA Gets Recognized!

Club Website Earns Award

Our first year with a new site and I’m happy to announce that we’ve been given an Award of Distinction for 2014. Every year, the various AACA websites are evaluated for presentation and content. The Award of Distinction is presented to several regions and lies on the second of four rungs of the “award ladder”.

On a personal note, I want to thank everyone who supported me and made contributions to the site, whether it was photos, information, or insight. Hopefully, with your help, our website will be even better in 2015!

~Website Manager, Angelica Yost

Club Newsletter Earns Master Editor Award
Reprinted from the Jan./Feb. issue of The Gas Buggy Gazette

The Gas Buggy Gazette has earned the Master Editor Award from the national AACA for 2014. This highest level of achievement is shared by several regions every year.

Each newsletter is evaluated by 3 judges from the national AACA and given points for various items of content. Printed, not electronic, newsletters are evaluated. Content is the primary determinant, though quality counts as well. Including 3 antique car articles or features in each issue, 2 reports of events, and a piece relating to the national AACA goes a long way to earning the award.

Editor John Sayler is grateful to all who contributed to keep the newsletter insightful.


Member Spotlight: Karen Engle

At the 2014 Christmas Party, Karen Engle was presented with a plaque in honor of her 20 years of service as our club Treasurer. Not many people realize all that she has done for this organization over the years, though some felt it was high time we showed our appreciation.

Thank you Karen! We are truly grateful for all you do.

Our Prayers

I am sad to report the recent passing of Marilyn Norris. She and her husband Mike have been long time members of the region.

Also, please note that Millie Skelly was recently scheduled for surgery. She has been a part of our family for years as well.

Please keep them and their loved ones in your thoughts.