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AACA Annual Meeting 2015

Dear GRAACA Members,

This year, Howard and I attended the AACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Although we’ve been several times before and always had an enjoyable time, this year was particularly memorable and we are both extremely proud of our region.

For starters, honored member and past Gettysburg Region President Don Barlup was inducted as our National AACA President for 2015. Don has worked so hard and done so much over the years for our region and the AACA. He is an exemplary leader deserving of this great opportunity. Howard and I were so happy for him as we witnessed the gavel being passed over. I know we all wish Don and his lovely wife Carol the best for the year ahead.

We also want to congratulate John Sayler for earning the Master Editor Award for all his hard work on The Gas Buggy Gazette. We were sad John couldn’t make it to Philly to receive the award in person, but proud that our newsletter was recognized.

Another great thing happened while at the meeting, and as a grandmother you’ll forgive me for bragging. My granddaughter Angelica Yost received a National Service Award for her volunteer work at the AACA Library, and is now serving on the Library Committee. Angelica is also the manager for our club’s website which won an Award of Distinction for 2014.

Lastly, I have to say I was incredibly pleased to bump into so many region members during that weekend. Vice President Ron Green was there, along with Jerry Black, and Jim Yemzow. I caught up with Bob and Dottie Shultz and Pat Shaffer on Friday night when we all helped out with the auction, which was a great success. I’m glad you all were there representing our club. Thank you, and thank you to anyone I might have missed. It was very busy those two days, and I’m sorry if I forgot to mention you!

Our region members really went above and beyond. Congratulations to all for doing such a fantastic job in 2014. I’m sure 2015 will be even better!

Howard, Angelica, and I with Ms. Ross and Mr. Franklin before the banquet.

Howard, Angelica, and I with Ms. Ross and Mr. Franklin before the banquet.


Chris King, wife of GRAACA President Howard King

GRAACA Annual Dinner 2015

On February 7th, the GRAACA held its Annual Dinner and Installation of Officers for 2015 at the Mechanicsburg Club in (where else?) Mechanicsburg, PA. The evening began with a brief message from President Howard King and Vice President Ron Green. GRAACA Trustee and 2015 AACA President Don Barlup delivered a short but heartfelt invocation before everyone dived into a delicious buffet style meal which included carved sirloin, chicken masala, and of course, a delightful assortment of cakes for dessert.

After dinner, Don Barlup presided over the installation of officers. In previous years, the installation has involved some fairly elaborate and humorous antics–our club has never had much tolerance for stuffy ceremonial fuss. This year, however, Don decided to do something a bit more intimate and lasting. First, he brought forth a wooden cut-out of an antique car with the GRAACA logo on it which he happened to find at a meet. Next, he invited all the old and new officers and board members to line up. One by one, all of the attending club members proceeded down the line to thank each officer for his/her service with handshakes, and sometimes hugs. At the end, every member and officer signed the cut-out which is to be placed on display in the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing!

In attendance that evening were several special guests. AACA Executive Director Steve Moskowitz and AACA Museum Director Mark Lizewskie came out to show their support for our region and offered a few words about what is going on in regards to the museum and AACA National events. We are truly grateful to them for all they do and were very pleased that they could join us.*

The final “business” portion of the evening’s events was marked by the presentation of the Outstanding Service Award for 2014. This award is given every year to two members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the club. These members do not hold office, but rather work behind the scenes. This year’s recipients were Ken and Nancy Schaffer. Over the years, Ken and Nancy have done a lot for the GRAACA including managing the White Elephant Table at the Latimore Valley show and organizing our events calendar. For all they’ve done and continue to do, we are sincerely thankful.

The night ended with a hilarious performance by stand-up comedian Seth Knorr. Seth was a finalist at the 2014 Clean Comedy Challenge and is host of the shows put on by the Clean and Funny Comedy Tour. I highly recommend that you check him out on his website.

Many thanks should be given to everyone who helped make this year’s Annual Dinner such a success, particularly Ron and Valerie Green who organized everything from booking a venue to designing the programs. Not many people realize all the hard work that goes into putting on an event of this magnitude. It will be hard a hard act to follow next year, but we will see what the future holds!

Chris Ritter, Head Librarian for the AACA Library and Research Center, was unable to make it due to illness. Many people expressed concern, so I just wanted to say that I’ve spoken to him since then, and he is feeling much better.

Sundae at the Movies ’15

Our first event of 2015 and what a success!

On Sunday, January 18th ours members met at the East Berlin Community Center around 2:00 p.m. Pat Shaffer and Jim Yemzow took over as hosts this year and we owe them many thanks. In previous years, Tom and Becky Zinn have hosted this annual event, though they still provided advice and support as the reigns were handed over. We are truly grateful for all that they’ve done and continue to do for this club.

Everyone who attended got to enjoy delicious sundaes with a wide array of toppings while reviewing slideshows of our many 2014 GRAACA events graciously provided by our Historian Ken Myers. Vice President Ron Green also played a slideshow of photos and advertisements for Amphicars. Afterwards, door-prizes supplied by members were raffled off. There were many surprises as Pat introduced a few “Mystery Prizes.”

The day concluded with a brief Board Meeting. Just a reminder that any and all members are welcome to attend these meetings. There’s nothing secret about them! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the club, feel free to bring them up. Or just drop in on one to see how things “get done.”

The next event will be the GRAACA Annual Meeting and Induction Ceremony on February 7th. Hope to see you there!

Fall Foliage Tour 2014

foliage tour10Today, October 18th, proved to be a perfect day for our annual Fall Foliage Tour. A few gray clouds but overall sunny with a brisk autumn chill in the air set the scene for a pleasant drive through farm and apple country of Cumberland and Adams Counties.


Cars of all eras came on the tour

Cars of all eras came on the tour

Our day began bright and early around 8:30 a.m. at the American Legion Post 262 in Biglerville, PA. This is the second time Post 262 has played host as a coffee and doughnut stop for one of our tours, and we thank them heartily. After getting our directions and a good dose of caffeine, we set out at 9:30 at a leisurely pace along moderately quiet back roads. The tour, carefully organized by John and Janet Wolfe, and Marlin and Brenda Wood, stretched for approximately 50 miles and lasted about 2 hours. In addition to breathtaking scenery, we passed by some interesting landmarks such as the historic Russell Tavern which housed George Washington in 1794 during the Whiskey Rebellion.

foliage tour6

Lunch at Green Ridge Village

Our drive ended with a buffet meal of chicken and lasagna at Green Ridge Village Retirement Center. In addition to good food, everyone got a chance to show off their cars to the residents who voted on their favorite automobiles. Winners received trophies. We also would like to thank everyone at Green Ridge Village for their wonderful hospitality.

The resident hall where we enjoyed lunch

The resident hall where we enjoyed lunch

With over 30 cars and almost 60 members in attendance, it’s safe to call this yet another successful tour. We all look forward to next year and invite everyone to join in. Remember, you don’t need to be a GRAACA member to come, all you need is to register and bring your antique car.


Members cars on display at the village

Members cars on display at the village



Mt. Holly Springs Antique Car Social

Something a bit different this time…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Sunday, September 14th the Church of God in Mt. Holly Springs, PA hosted an antique car show and social. The show was free and open to the public. Thanks to the efforts of Pastor Reese and our own Gettysburg Region club members Jim Yemzow and Pat Shaffer, all who attended were heartily welcomed and got to enjoy ice cream and hot dogs under the pavilion in addition to, as always, good conversation and camaraderie.  On the whole it was a much enjoyed relaxing day spent with good company and old cars.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is our first post on this site regarding a local antique car event not officially sponsored by the GRAACA. If you know of any antique automobile related events going on in the Maryland/Pennsylvania area and would like to spread the word through our site, feel free to contact the webmaster directly or simply leave a comment below. Our members would love to hear about it!

Summer Tour ’14 = A Blast!

100_2971 Saturday, August 9th marked our annual GRAACA Summer Tour for 2014. Our hosts, Jim Yemzow and Pat Schaffer, told us that they had something new in store for us, and they didn’t fail to surprise. Our day began around 10:30 AM when we all met up at Marty’s Auto Sales in Carlisle, PA. We had such a great turn-out for this event that we nearly filled up the lot, so we heartily thank Marty and his daughter for being so gracious.


Jim Yemzow serves up locally raised chicken

Jim Yemzow serves up locally raised chicken

From Marty’s, we headed over, parade style, to the U.S. Army War College. Pat and Jim had ready for us a full spread and we stuffed ourselves with homemade foods, locally raised chickens, and lots of other delicious delights. Pat’s macaroni salad was such a hit that she kindly provided everyone with her own recipe which can be found here.


Our tour guide for the day, Matthew March (left)

Our tour guide for the day, Matthew March (left)

After lunch, Matthew March from the Cumberland County Historical Society gave a highly informative and interactive talk about the history of the Carlisle Indian School. After his presentation which actually took us from the days of Christopher Columbus to the present day, Matthew led us on a walking tour of the original school so we could get a better visual understanding of the school’s importance. Thanks to Matthew’s in depth knowledge and enthusiasm, everyone walked away with something to talk about and perhaps ponder.

Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Around 3:00 PM, we left Carlisle Barracks to finish our day at Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center located about a mile up the road. There we were met with great excitement from the community and residents for seeing all our antique cars. Nancy Hahn, Claremont’s activities coordinator, truly out did herself organizing everything. Everyone got to enjoy ice-cream, snow cones, a live DJ, and even films of automobile advertisements from the 1950s. I won’t forget to mention that there was also an informal car show judged by all attendees as well as a fun quiz. For anyone who missed the Q&A, here it is with the correct answers:

How many car manufactures were there in the U.S. in 1916?
Where was the first wood-paved race track in PA?
When was the first Indy 500?
What was the MPG of the Stanley Steamer?
1 gallon of WATER per mile

Many thanks go out, once again, to all who helped make this year’s Summer Tour a success, especially Jim and Pat. We had such a wonderful turn out, and everyone truly enjoyed themselves. All we have to do now is wait patiently (or impatiently) for the next great event!

Additional Images:

At Marty's Auto Sales waiting for all to arrive

At Marty’s Auto Sales waiting for all to arrive

On our walking tour of the Indian School

On our walking tour of the Indian School

Outside the original school entrance

Outside the original school entrance


Enjoying food, music, and cars

Enjoying food, music, and cars


Summer Picnic 2014

Codorus State Park

Codorus State Park

Last Sunday, July 20th, the Gettysburg Region held its annual summer picnic at Codorus State Park amidst the beautiful rolling hills of York County in Pennsylvania. It seems we’ve had nothing but good luck this year in regards to the weather. There were a few clouds here and there, but it was a perfect day for sailing as the lake was full of boats. It also turned out to be a perfect day for car enthusiasts as well.


codorus 14 3

Lunch began around one o’clock, though a few people showed up well in advance to help set up. A special “than you” goes out to them. We should also extend thanks to everyone who remembered to bring a covered dish or dessert. Everything was delicious, and though we ended up having more than enough food, the dessert table was demolished by the end of the day.



codorus 14 2Above all, we greatly appreciate the efforts of Annette Yost who made all the necessary arrangements for the day and Butch Saltzgiver and Jeff Amspacher who were our “grill masters”. Again, we thank you all for helping to make this possible.



We had such a great turn-out, and so many stayed ’til late in the evening to chat and soak up the atmosphere. With luck, next year will be just as good, if not better.

*Photos courtesy of Annette Yost


Latimore Valley 2014

Well, it rained, and it rained, and it rained, but the show must go on.

Latimore Valley '14

Latimore Valley ’14

The 39th Annual Gettysburg Region antique car show at the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds on June 14th was preceded by days of downpours and flooding that would’ve sent Noah into a frenzy. Thank goodness, just when we thought we’d have to break out rowboats and Amphicars, the sun came out on Saturday! Sure, things were a bit soggy, but GRAACA members are not easily deterred and we ended up with a pretty good turnout.


1926 Ajax

1926 Ajax

This year’s featured class was the Mercury in celebration of Mercury’s 75th year. Of course, as always, a wide variety of vehicles were in attendance and the winner of this year’s President’s Award was a unique and rare 1926 Ajax.




The York Springs Lions Club

The York Springs Lions Club

There was an abundance of food including delicious desserts and homemade barbeque donated by our members as well as sundaes and French fries made fresh by the Lions Club. A special thanks goes out them for helping us year after year.




So, in spite of damp feet, the weather didn’t dampen our spirits. We came, ate, and of course enjoyed all the antique cars and trucks. There were lots of awards and new faces, and we can pray for better weather and an even better turnout at the 40th annual GRAACA car show. Hope to see you there!


Ladies’ Day 2014

ladies day3    ladies day4Saturday, May 17th was our annual Ladies’ Day at the Gettysburg Outlets and what a day it was! We not only had good weather–a bit breezy, but no rain–and a great turn-out, but there were a few unexpected pleasant surprises as well. First of all, we arrived to find that the Farmer’s Market was set up which became a top priority stop for some shoppers. Second, thanks to the efforts of Annette Yost and the new public relations management at the Outlets, we were able to pitch our tent right at the front entrance where all members who arrived were each given their own reusable bag full of coupons and free giveaways from the various shops. A lot of us made sure to take advantage of those deals!       ladies day8


Finally, Annette not only made sure to bring a few snacks for everyone, she also made a lovely flower planter as a “tent prize” which was given away to one lucky lady in a random drawing. We owe many thanks to her and the Gettysburg Outlets’ staff for making this year’s event a success and impatiently await the next Ladies’ Day in 2015.


Spring Tour ’14

Some of our members' antique cars outside the museum

Some of our members’ antique cars outside the museum

Well, I think I can safely say and everyone who attended will agree with me that this year’s Spring Tour was a success! The sun was shining, nobody got lost or broke down, and we had an excellent turn-out of 30 cars and 62 people. We even saw some new faces amongst our crew.

Part of the Rural Heritage Museum

Part of the Rural Heritage Museum


To briefly recap today’s events for all those unable to make it or who are curious about what goes on at a Gettysburg Region day tour, our day started bright and early at 8 AM at the American Legion in Biglerville, PA where we all met to enjoy coffee and doughnuts and to receive directions. From there we took a relaxing scenic route through apple farms and state forests to the Rural Heritage Museum in Hagerstown, MD. There we got to explore three enclosed buildings filled with artifacts showing what life was like over a hundred years ago in Washington County. In addition, members were encouraged to view the outdoor village composed of various 18th and 19th century buildings rescued from places throughout Maryland. It was quite apparent that everyone was enjoying themselves as the most common question asked of Annette Yost who hosted the tour was not, “How soon can we leave?” but, “How much time do we have left?” After the museum, we made our way over to the Fireside Restaurant to tuck into a laid back buffet style lunch and conclude the day’s events.

Spring Tour '14

Spring Tour ’14

On behalf of the club, I would like to thank everyone who helped make today a success including the employees and volunteers of the Heritage Museum, American Legion, and Fireside Restaurant, as well as our hosts Howard King and Annette Yost who organized the tour.

As a reminder to all current members and a note to anyone who has never been to a GRAACA event, there is still the summer picnic and fall tour to look forward to, in addition to the Latimore Valley Car Show which is right around the corner. Please check our events page or The Gas Buggy Gazette for information and updates, and don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a message on this site if you have any questions.

~Angelica Yost, GRAACA Webmaster

*Photos are courtesy of Annette Yost and myself. Please disregard the date on the bottom of my photos. I was in a hurry and didn’t bother to set the correct date and time.