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For more information about the Gettysburg Region or our events, leave a comment on this site or feel free to contact one of our 2014 Club Officers:

President: Howard King, Phone (410) 635-6019

Vice President: Ron Green, Phone (717) 737-3879

Secretary: Brenda Wood, Phone (717) 766-6331

Treasurer: Karen Engle, Phone (717) 632-2792

Newsletter Editor: John Sayler, Phone (717) 796-1895

Membership Chairmen: John and Jan Wolfe, Phone (717) 766-6871

Club Merchandise: Stewart and Sarah Gardner, Phone (717) 334-9252

Website Manager: Angelica Yost, Phone (410) 635-2530, E-mail


One thought on “Contact Us

  1. Wendy Crosby

    I would like to use the article in the March/April edition of your newsletter to reprint in NAOC magazine. I will credit your publication, of course. I need the text emailed to me if possible since I cannot OCR scan from the printed PDF. Thank you!


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