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For more information about the Gettysburg Region or our events, leave a comment on this site or feel free to contact one of our 2015 Club Officers (office changes for 2016 will take place in February):

President: Howard King, Phone (410) 635-6019

Vice President: Ron Green, Phone (717) 737-3879

Secretary: Pat Shaffer, Phone (717) 258-4964

Treasurer: Jim Yemzow, Phone (717) 243-5810

Newsletter Editor: John Sayler, Phone (717) 796-1895

Newsletter Circulation Manager: John Marsh, Phone (717) 432-2190

Newsletter Advertising Manager: Allan Maybee, Phone (717) 731-9726

Club Merchandise Sales: Stewart and Sarah Gardner, Phone (717) 334-9252

Membership Chairmen: Jim Yemzow, Phone (717) 243-5810

Club Merchandise: Stewart and Sarah Gardner, Phone (717) 334-9252

Club Historian: Ken Myers, Phone (717) 292-2422

Website Manager: Angelica Yost, Phone (410) 635-2530, E-mail


5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Wendy Crosby

    I would like to use the article in the March/April edition of your newsletter to reprint in NAOC magazine. I will credit your publication, of course. I need the text emailed to me if possible since I cannot OCR scan from the printed PDF. Thank you!

  2. VBury


    If you ever in need of food vendor or catering (concession trailer) of unique food for any of your events.
    Please email me or IM on facebook.
    servsafe certified, licensed, liability insured.

    Joe Bury’s Famous Hamburgers & Unique Eats

  3. robert clubb

    Mark your calendars AND spread the word!!

    AACA – SMR 45th Annual Indoor/Outdoor Antique & Classic Auto Parts/Swap Meet
    March 27th & 28th, 2015 – AACA – SMR’s 45th Annual Antique Auto Parts Meet.
    FREE ADMISSION! Doors open at 8am (set-up 10:00am on Thursday 3/26/15 ).
    Carroll County AG Center, 706 Agriculture Center Drive, Westminster, MD 21157.
    For more information contact: Robert Clubb 301-829-2000, Email:,
    Fax 301-831-5144


  4. rich dorsey

    one of your vendors at the june 13 th. latimore show had a texaco toy tanker truck for sale,wondering if anyone could put me in contact with them? rich 683-6356

    1. Webmaster Post author

      Not sure about the particular vendor, but I do know that Harry Sherwood is in charge of vendor registration and might be able to point you in the right direction. You can contact him at (717) 697-0411. I hope this helps. Good luck.


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